Global healthcare is approaching a crisis state.  Factors ranging from changing demographics, to the rising cost of healthcare, chronic illness and global pandemics are revealing the weakness in current healthcare programs around the world.  Yet perhaps the most treatable area is the information systems that make healthcare programs effective by providing accurate and timely information for evidence-based decisions and interventions.  At the forefront of global healthcare solutions is Populus; providing technology, when applied to humanity, has the power to save lives, save money, & strengthen healthcare systems worldwide.


After three decades of relentless process improvement, visionary health sector reform, and delivering three of the world's five national Health Information Systems (HIS), Populus' ACSiS technology is now universally recognized as a pillar in reform in healthcare information systems the world over.


Used by virtually all major international aid and financial institutions (including the World Bank and World Health Organization), ACSiS is the only HIS software proven to bring together and integrate a country's personal healthcare records into one seamless and cost-effective system.  With already having a string of successful national implementation projects for countries like Belize, St.Vincent, the Grenadines, and St. Lucia, the future of global healthcare is looking brighter each day.


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What is technology without humanity?